Los Angeles, California




Master of Arts, University of Southern California

Modern Art History, 2001: Surrealism, Pre-Columbian Myth and the Context of Revolution in the Photos of Manuel Alvarez Bravo


Bachelor of Arts, University of California, Los Angeles, Cum Laud

Psychology/Art History



LANGUAGE FLUENCY (written/spoken)

English, Spanish and French




2014     USA Liaison/Operations Manager, VibrARTtions International Cultural Projects, Beijing

2014     Assistant Director, Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art Research Institute for Inter-Cultural Art and Culture      

2012     Board Member, Beasley Sculpture Center of the Oakland Museum, Berkeley, California




1996 - Present: Full-time Professor, Otis College of Art and Design

Contemporary Art, Post Modern Theory, Visual Culture, Modern Art History, Gender and Feminism, Undergrad Senior Thesis

Graduate Master of Fine Art Thesis Public Practice


2000 - 2010: Recurring Visiting Lecturer, California State University Northridge


1998 - 2009: Recurring Lecturer: University of California, Los Angeles, Extension


1986 - 1990: Recurring Lecturer: Pepperdine University


1982 - 1983: Part time Instructor USC, under Dr. Eunie Howe, Renaissance Seminar




2009 - Present: Associate Editor, Visual Art Source, online arts journal,


1996 - Present: Editor in Chief, ArtScene Magazine,


1989 - Present: Art Critic/Essayist, Sculpture, Washington, D.C.


2010 - 2011: Critic, Op Ed Blogger, Huffington Post


1986 - 2003: West Coast Art Critic, Christian Science Monitor


1986 - 2003: West Coast Art Critic, USA Today


1990 - 2002: Art Critic, Copley Syndication, including Santa Monica Outlook, Breeze and Tribune


1989 - 1995: West Coast Arts Correspondent, London Art Newspaper, Milan, Italy, 1989-1995


1991 - 1993: Contributing Editor, Sculpture Magazine


1985 - 1990: Art Critic/Columnist, Los Angeles Times


Additional: Contributor to the Following Journals and Dailies: Artweek, Art Now, Art in America, Art New York, Valentine New York




2014: Donohue, Marlena. Ink Techniques in the Works of Huang Zheng -- Contemporary Positions/Ancient Roots. Museum of Contemporary Art Press, Beijing. 


2013: Donohue, Marlena. Forms of the Formless: Abstraction in Eastern Philosophy and Western Modern Art, Michael Suh, Marlena Donohue, Eds. Forms of the Formless, Museum of Contemporary Art Press, Beijing.


2013: Donohue, Marlena. Expanded Art Spaces: The Contributions of the ASCO Art Collective, Harper, Glenn, Ed. Alternative Public Art. International Sculpture Center, NY.


2013: Donohue, Marlena. Bruce Beasley Outdoor Sculptures at UC Berkeley: Public Space/Modern Aesthetics, University California Press, Catalog.


2011: Doktorczyk-Donohue, Marlena, The Waitresses in Context, pp 9-25. In Allyn, J., Gauldin, A., Eds., The Waitresses Unpeeled: Performance Art and Life. Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles.


2011: Doktorczyk-Donohue, Marlena, Framing Abstraction, in Doktorczyk-Donohue, M., Ed., Framing Abstraction: Mark, Sign, Signifier. Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles.


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2009: Doktorczyk-Donohue, Marlena, Patrick Graham, pp 25-29. In Sisley, L., Ed., The Quick and the Dead. Dublin City Gallery Hugh Lane, Dublin.


2008: Doktorczyk-Donohue, Marlena, The Semiotics of the Itsy Bitsy Bikini, pp. 67-74. In Giuntini, P., Hagen, K., Eds., Garb: A Fashion Theory Reader, Prentice Hall: NY.




2014: Donohue, Marlena. Mary Kelly: Beyond the Specifics of Gender, Sculpture Magazine, Winter Edition.


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2014: Donohue, Marlena, Georgia O’ Keeffe and the Landscape, Introspective Magazine, New York, April.


2014: Donohue, Marlena, Calder and Abstraction, Introspective Magazine, NY, March.


2014: Donohue, Marlena, David Hockney Goes Digital, Introspective Magazine, New York, Jan.


2013: Donohue, Marlena, Caravaggio and his School, Introspective Magazine, NY, March.


2013: Donohue, Marlena, George Bellows at the National Gallery of Art, Introspective Magazine, NY, April.


2013: Donohue, Marlena, Diaghilev and the Birth of the Avant Garde, Introspective Magazine, NY, May.


2013: Donohue, Marlena, Vermeer Visits the Getty Center: A Talk with the Curator, Introspective Magazine, NY, Feb.


2013: Donohue, Marlena, Faberge Designs, Introspective Magazine, NY, August.


2012: Donohue, Marlena, Roy Lichtenstein and the Legacy of Pop at the CAI, Introspective Magazine, NY, June.


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2012: Donohue, Marlena , Interview: Britt Salvesen, Curator of the Prints and Drawings Department at LACMA, on Ellsworth Kelly at LACMA, Introspective Magazine.


2012: Donohue, Marlena , Interview: Chiyo Ishikawa, Deputy Director of the Seattle Art Museum, on Pablo Picasso at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Introspective Magazine.


2012: Donohue, Marlena , Interview: Lisa Melandri, Deputy Director of Santa MonicaMuseumof Art, on Beatrice Wood at Santa Monica Museum of Art. Introspective Magazine.


2012: Donohue, Marlena . Interview: Rose Shoshana and Marta Daho on Graciela Iturbide organized at the Van Gogh/Rencontres d’Arles Centre Cultural, Arles, France. Introspective Magazine.


Selected Sample of Additional Career Reviews/Essays/Interviews:

Review, Robert Rauschenberg at Pace Wildenstein, Christian Science Monitor


Interview, Ellsworth Kelly, Christian Science Monitor


Interview, Mike Kelly, Sculpture Magazine


Interview, Robert Irwin, Sculpture Magazine


Interview, George Segal, Sculpture Magazine


Interview/Essay, Elizabeth Murray, Christian Science Monitor




2011: Annetta Kapon: A Marxist View, LAX Art, Sept. 


2005: An Afro American Vision: The Works of Phoebe Beasley. Exhibition Catalogue, M Hanks Gallery, Los Angeles, California.


2001: Thomas Skomski. Exhibition Catalogue, South Bend Museum of Art, Indiana.


1994: The Work of Judith Reifman: Memory and Desire. Exhibition Catalogue, Sherry Frumkin Gallery, Santa Monica, California.


1994: Heidi Fasnact: Recent Sculpture. Exhibition Catalogue, Janus Gallery, New York, New York.


1992: The Sculpture of Bruce Beasley. Exhibition Catalogue, Oakland Museum of Art, with Peter Selz.




2014: Co-Curator with the Director of the Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art, “Forms of the Formless 10: Time/Space. Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art. Beijing, China. April 24, to June 15.


2013 - 2014: Co-Curator with the Director of the Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art, “Forms of the Formless,” TEDA Museum of Modern Art, Tianjin. Nov 2013 - Jan 2014.


2013: Chief Curator: “Framing Abstraction: Mark, Symbol, Signifier.” Debuted in March, 2011 at the Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles. This major traveling, internationally lent exhibition was organized with Peter Selz, Emeritus Art History faculty at UCB.  I organized and edited the accompanying catalogue, containing essays on abstraction authored by me, Selz and other essayists. The show will travel toNorwayin Dec. 2013.


2011: Chief Curator: “Some City Angeles.” Guest curator for exhibition of LA artists at Edward Cella Art and Architecture, with Getty funding in support of Pacific Standard Time. Sept.


2008: Co-Curator/Organizer: “Omage: The Artists, Designers and Writers at Otis College of Art and Design,” Track 16 Gallery, Santa Monica California


2005: Co-Curator: “Excess Baggage: The Conceptual Sculpture of Emilio Garcia,” traveling.


2003: Co-Curator, “Mexican Otis: Nine Decades of Alumni Art,” Opened at Mexican Consul General, Los Angeles.


1981 - 1983: Assistant to Director, Josine Ianco-Starrels, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery.


1980 - 1982: Curatorial Researcher, J. Paul Getty Villa, Drawings/Photographs Dept., under Dr. George Goldner, currently at the Met.




April – May, 2014, Series of Panel and Invitational Lectures, “Forms of the Formless: An Eastern and Western View of Abstraction,”  Beijing  Museum of Contemporary Art.


Dec 2013, Panel and Invitational Lecture, Tianjin, Dec 2013 “Forms of the Formless: An Eastern and Western View of Abstraction,”  TEDA Museum of Modern Art, Tianjin.


September 2011, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley,California. Panel/lecture: “Framing Abstraction”


Jan. 2009, LA International Art Fair. Moderator/Speaker Panel: “Art in an Era of Social Change.” Panelists: Kim Abeles, Jerri Allyn, Cheri Gaulke, Renee Petropoulos.


 Feb. 2009, CAA Annual Conference,Los Angeles. Paper/panel: “What’s the Story: The Politics of Narrative in the Public Art Works of Kim Abeles and Cheri Gaulke.”


 Mar. 2009, Track 16 Gallery,Santa Monica,California.  Panel Moderator: Is the Personal Political?--Social Responsibility/Art for Its Sake: Where Are We in 2009?


Feb. 2007, CAA Annual Conference,New York. Paper/panel: “Feminism inCalifornia: Beyond Essentialism and Post Structuralism.”


Apr. 2007, LACMA Los Angeles Arts Awards,L.A.Paper/panel: “The Relationship of Fine Art and Digital Media.”


Oct. 2006, Art Historians of Southern California, Annual Conference, Getty Villa,Malibu. Paper delivered and panelist: “Alternative Art History Publishing.”




Association of International Art Critics, AIAC, New York


Art Historians of SouthernCalifornia